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sunshine 2012-7-28 20:50
I have watched your pictures with great plesure. They are magnificient. But your avatar could I not find. In your password  album ?? Hope we can be friends. Thanks alot
shotaguy 2012-7-27 16:28
thanks for the great views  
frankiez55 2012-7-13 08:10
thank you for rating friend
invader 2012-4-26 04:00
Where is everyone tonight ????
mitcyboi 2012-4-24 05:55
Well you have to promise to be particularly sweet to get tea and bikkies and to say yes often...then wow ! friendship blossoms....always very special.
mitcyboi 2012-4-23 11:22
Thanks for coming by. Nice to get visitors. Tea and bikkies would be nice but at least heres a thanks.
shintaro 2012-4-21 12:25
Thanks for the comments! glad you like and glad to enjoy your efforts too!!
a0102110 2012-4-19 05:13
great albums you have
shintaro 2012-4-18 16:40
Thanks for visiting!
tobyt 2012-4-17 04:39
Really glad to have you here!
Dominoboy 2012-4-17 04:16
Hey there thanks for friend invite! Hope you are enjoying the site as much as I am!
invader 2012-4-15 02:01
at last thank you my friend ruxelo
ruxelo 2012-4-15 01:24
congrats on reaching the first level!!! :D
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